Daily Digital Pulse of China : China E-Commerce, China Mobile

Jingdong Adds A Supermarket To Its E-commerce Offerings

Jingdong (formely called 360Buy) is adding a supermarket channel to its e-commerce site, bringing more than 5,000 types of groceries, packaged foods, beverages and snacks. The good news for the customers is that they can buy a single item if they wish. Jingdong that switched to its current branding in March, is a direct challenge to Yihaodian, the country’s largest food-only specialist e-store, which is majority owned by American retailer Walmart.

Source: techinasia.com

Hugo Boss Goes Global With China-Centered Campaign

Hugo Boss goes digital in order to promote its upcoming May 30 Shanghai fashion show: video campaign, live webcast and social media. The move proves that the brand is not only focusing its efforts on the Chinese market, but also highlights that China is an optimal location for debuting its collections on an international stage. At the same time, this is a statement that China is not only a valuable market but also a global taste-making center.

Source: jingdaily.com

China’s Alibaba Aims For Big Smartphone Sales Of Its Mobile OS

Alibaba Group is hoping to surpass Google's dominance of China's smartphone market, and has high hopes that handsets running the company's mobile OS will reach sales of 30 million units. The Chinese e-commerce giant is planing to popularize its Linux-based Alibaba Mobile Operating System (AMOS) after the OS collided with Google last year.To encourage vendors to sign up with the OS, the company is also subsidizing handset makers with a monthly 1 yuan (US$0.16) payment for every Alibaba OS smartphone sold. The payment is ongoing until a handset makers' phone goes out of use. In addition, Alibaba is promoting the handsets with its online retail sites.

Source: alizila.com