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Baidu Removed Device Targeting For Paid Search

Baidu might have been inspired by Google Adwords enhanced campaign and as a result it upgraded their paid search system and removed device targeting last Saturday. This means that advertisers no longer need to create a separate campaign for each target device type. If you are wondering how this change is going to affect existing campaigns the answer is simple. For campaigns without a specific device targeting, it wouldn’t be any changes, which means the bid for mobile device is the same as for desktop by default.



Shanghai Mobile Launches E-wallet Scheme

Shanghai Mobile, one of the largest operators in the China Mobile Group, launched its near field communication (NFC) technology, which involves replacing credit cards with mobile phones. Users of Shanghai Mobile's NFC mobile wallets that have cards with 10 cooperating banks can use the service once downloading their data online. The mobile operator estimates that by the end of the year its mobile phone wallet service will be able to pay for taxis and subway travel. Additionally Shanghai Mobile plans to promote its mobile payments linked with an online-to-offline application, which finds consumers online and brings them into retail stores.

Source: wantinchinatimes.com


Top 3 Video Networks In China

A new report by comScore revealed which are the main players in terms of video networks in China. In March 2013, Youku, Tencent and LETV remained the top three video networks. Youku had 130,363 total unique viewers, while Tencent counted 114,549. LETV, the company focusing on wide variety of drama series and movies, had about 100 million unique viewers, making it the third largest video network in China.

Source: chinainternetwatch.com


E-commerce Pioneer Dangdang Is Struggling To Survive

14 years ago, Dangdang was the king for the Chinese e-commerce market. Today, the company once described as China's Amazon is fighting to stay afloat due to fierce competition. This year the price of Dangdang's shares has dropped from US $35 per share to less than US$5 despite a booming e-commerce sector that has enjoyed average annual growth of 66%.  360buy has surpassed Dangdang, with its 2012 sales volume exceeding 60 billion yuan (US$9.7 billion) compared to Dangdang's 5.2 billion yuan (US$845.5 million). Dangdang's prices, product diversity and inflexible payment methods have stopped it from expanding as quickly as its competitors.

Source: retailinasia.com


564mn Web Users Boost Rise of China’s New Media

A new report by Xinhua News Agency states that China has the world’s largest new media market, the number of online users in China reaching 564 million at the end of 2012, with the number of mobile internet users hitting 420 million. China’s internet penetration rate has exceeded 42 per cent and the report expects the online population to reach 600 million very soon.

Source: iresearchchina.com