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Baidu Expands Reach Into Mobile Internet Field

China’s leading internet search engine continues to expand its reach into the mobile internet field after earlier this year, Baidu hired researchers from California’s Sillicon Valley to help the company develop voice recognition, input methods and map services for smartphones. According to Yue Guofeng, vice president of Baidu’s Mobile Cloud Division, the mobile internet sector has become overcrowded with app services and the company aims to enter the mobile device market by establishing its own OS and ecosystem. Baidu is also looking at the lucrative mobile advertising market through mobile gaming applications and online-to-offline services.

Source: wantchinatimes.com


Alibaba, Partners Establish National Logistics Network

On Tuesday, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd in tandem with industry partners announced the establishment of a 100 billion yuan logistics network that aims to make 24-hour domestic deliveries possible. The project, China Smart Logistic Network, is expected to improve efficiency through streamlined warehouse and logistics infrastructure. The new company, established by Alibaba and its partners, known as Cainiao Network Technology Co Ldt, plans to complete the network in five to eight years. The network will be open to manufacturers, online sellers, delivery services and third-party services providers to help build the end-to-end chain, which allow 24-hour deliveries across China.

Source: china.org.cn


Tencent Securing 600 Million Mobile Users With QZone, QQ & Wechat

Huo Xiaonan, the vice general manager of Tencent’s open platform recently announced that the monthly active users of WeChat reached 190 million users, QQ counts 500 million and QZone 600 million. Almost 70% of the total users used mobile phones to log in and in comparison to last year the number had increased by about 5 times than that of last year.

Source: chinainternetwatch.com


Consumer Habits Are Changing In China

Five years ago China was not mature enough for the luxury fashion market, but today more and more people in China are ready to buy products to show off their individuality, according to a Finish fashion entrepreneur cited by wantchinatimes.com If in the 1980s and 1990s Chinese people purchased items mostly to attract admiration of others, the past two years has seen a change in consumer habits thanks to the fashion blogs that talk a lot about what is new and authentic.

Source: wantchinatimes.com


Retailers Use Attribution Modeling To Measure The Touchpoints Driving Sales

According to a new eMarketer report, “Multichannel Attribution: What Retailers Need to Know”, until recently many retailers mainly paid attention only to customers’ “last click”, ignoring all other marketing touchpoints that lead to a transaction. Only few retailers (26% of companies worldwide) are deploying complex multichannel attribution solutions, with Big Data power, to measure performance of their marketing efforts. Marketers can tap into advanced analytics to better understand the effects of top-of-funnel marketing activities, optimize their marketing mixes, gain insight into affiliate marketing effectiveness and tune ad frequency. Email and paid search are some of the easiest channels to include in attribution programs.

Source: emarketer.com