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Shoppers Are Skeptical About Price Wars In China

We were mentioning yesterday that on June 18th the Chinese retailers and online shopping sites are set to launch new price war and the promotional period will encompass the widest array of special offers. While the most important e-commerce players are promising massive discounts, consumers are quite skeptical and they believe that retailers expend more effort bragging rather than providing actual discounts. According to shanghaidaily.com, online shoppers believe that the price wars are confusing them in the sense that this has to do with boasts against rivals than savings. After last year’s experience when major shopping sited launched rounds of price wars and their marketing approach got the attention of authorities, the Ministry of Commerce promised to work on improving more detailed guidelines on online merchant’s marketing operations.

Source: shanghaidaily.com


Local Governments In China Are Keen To Join Alibaba’s Logistics Networks

Six months after announcing its plan to expand into logistics, Alibaba- China’s e-commerce largest firm, gains the attention of various local governments in China that are willing to explore the enormous business opportunities available in the field of big data. Several local governments, including those in Zhejian, Guangdong and Hubei provinces and the cities of Beijing and Tianjin have been in contact with Cainiao Network Technology., run by Jack MA, founder and former CEO of Alibaba Group. The company will be headquartered in Shenzhen, because of the local government’s efficient and pragmatic governance. Back in January Ma announced that the idea of establishing the new company was to handle large amounts of data and warehouses and to provide logistical services. With China not possessing a logistical system to handle the great number of parcels, Alibaba is trying to set the trend by setting up a smart logistics network, which aims to deliver online orders to customers in 2,000 cities within 24 hours.   

Source: wantchinatimes.com



Tencent Is Trying To Export WeChat To Other Parts Of Asia

Tencent, the Internet giant, plans to export WeChat to other parts of Asia, but it has to fight against the fierce competition and the telecoms operators. Today, Tencent’s popular app counts 300 million users and it started its journey overseas. In April 2012, the company started intensive marketing campaigns in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries. According to caixin.com, although WeChat has adopted various strategies to seek expansion abroad, Tencent has to deal with the strong competition in messaging and also face a new challenge by maintaining relationship with telecoms partners.

Source: english.caixin.com