Daily Digital Pulse Of China : China E-Commerce, China Social Media, China Mobile

Gaming Industry Flying High

In 2012, China’s online games industry revenue reached 60.3 billion yuan, growing 35.1 percent year-on-year and the future looks even brighter since this industry is expected to fly even higher in the next five years, notes shanghaidaily.com. This means that games industry will integrate with TV and smartphones and holds potential opportunities for traditional media in transformation, according to Shanghai Media Group cited by the same source. Last year, the industry has been also boosted by exports, which reached 3.5 billion yuan, a 57% growth year-on-year.

Source: Shanghai Daily

Gome Taps Tmall’s Base Of Buyers

Gome, China’s second-largest home appliance retailer has teamed up with Alibaba’s consumer shopping site Tmall to boost Internet sales, notes shanghaidaily.com. This move will bring an authorized store on Tmall and Gome will unveil consumer electronic products on Tmall’s website to tap the platform’s huge base of buyers. The retailer will introduce more specialty products to suit Tmall buyers.

Source: Shanghai Daily

Alibaba Wants To Take Over China’s Music Industry

The e-commerce giant is ready to take over China’s music industry by acquiring Xiami, a major music-streaming service that was founded in 2007. According to iresearchchina.com, in April Taobao, began rolling out functionality for Xiami, that allows users to play music while they shop online. Xiami is a free service and it is more likely to make a lot of money off ads as it gains access to Alibaba’s massive user base.

Source: I Research China

Social Media In China

The Internet in China hit 564 million users in 2012, with an average of 46 minutes per day visiting social media sites, according to China Internet Network Information Center. No wonder that social media in China has forced companies to rethink their ways of engaging consumers through platforms. Liu Dele president of Youku Tudou explained at 2013 Fortune Global Forum that in China there are two groups of people who use social media most often: “One is that of the entertainment-driven teens who just like to share their lunch, breakfast and whatever they have done with the rest of the world, turning their life into national news. And two is that group who wants to influence society in a constructive way."The future of social media is mobile and with the fast dispersion of smartphones across China, social media websites should consider launching an additional mobile version.

Source: I Research China