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Daily Digital Pulse of China: China E-Commerce, China Digital


China E-Commerce

Global E-Commerce to Triple in the next Five Years

Global e-commerce transactions are to triple in the next five years, to $306 billion. Cross border e-commerce between China, Australia, Brazil, Germany, the UK and the US alone will amount to $300 billion in 2018, far exceeding the $ 105 billion this year. The highest-selling merchandise will be apparel, footwear, jewellery, beauty products and personal electronics. By 2018, $ 106 billion in cross-border transactions will be completed by mobile devices, up from $34 billion this year.PayPal in particular is trying to promote cross-border e-commerce with China. China has 40 million small businesses but only 5 million export goods to PayPal account holders overseas, which means that China still has huge potential to increase its e-commerce exports.

Source: ChinaByte


China E-Commerce

Jingdong Mall’s Online Supermarket has announced that it plans to add a new section its website, offering fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy products. Jingdong Mall intends to source, store and distribute its own groceries, rather than turning to a third party logistics provider. The move is a response to the increasing demand for fresh produce in e-commerce – online grocery sales grew by 500% in 2012. JD is aiming to offer a “One-Stop Shop” service to consumers in order to keep up with its competitors – Yihaodan, China’s top online supermarket, and Taobao Convenience Store, which is owned by Alibaba Group..

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China Digital

Tencent and Baidu Compete for Mobile Internet

Tencent QQ, the instant messaging app, has over 550 million users – a figure which is presenting Tencent with new challenges. Consumers under the age of 30 constantly expect innovation, cutting-edge technology, and new features to play around with. Until now, QQ has lived up to its users’ high expectations. However, Tencent is now being challenged by a new player in the Chinese mobile Internet market, as well as old rivals. Baidu’s recent acquisition 91 Wireless will make it harder for QQ to keep its 550 million users, who might be tempted to switch to a Baidu-based instant messaging app – if one appears on the scene. .

Source: ChinaByteBlogs

China E-Commerce

Taobao Offers Legal Transfers

Taobao has launched a new service to allow consumers to make legal transfers on its website. The “transfer shop” portal can be found in the customer service section of Couples can negotiate the dividing up of their assets after a divorce. Families with deceased relatives can do the same. However, there are certain legal requirements to be met before users can submit a transfer application. Taobao’s latest addition came into being as a result of a blog post titled “My husband and I got divorced – help”, which had attracted over a million hits a week later. .

Source: Sina Technology

China Digital

What is “Map Marketing”? How does it work?

What has a map got to do with marketing? Baidu has the answer – maps have long been used to research search volumes, localization and brand promotion. However, small and medium sized companies are now using the map as an end in itself on their websites. Companies can mark their location for free on search engines that provide a free map platform, such as Baidu and Google. When consumers buy products, they can leave positive reviews relating to price, location and customer service. Not only does this confirm to other consumers that the company exists outside cyberspace, positive customer feedback is a sign of a proven track record. .

Source: ChinaByte