Daily Digital Pulse of China: China E-Commerce, China Mobile, China Digital, China Gaming

China Mobile

The Chinese Own Almost 1/4th of the World’s Smartphones and Tablets!

China has surpassed the U.S. as the country with the largest ownership of smartphones and tablets. The Chinese own a total of 216,000,000 smartphones and tablets, accounting for 24% of the world’s total ownership of these devices. The top two brands in the market of these devices are Apple and Samsung, who own 35% and 15% of the market share respectively. Chinese brands, such as ZTE and Coolpad seem to be far behind. Despite the high numbers of these devices in the Chinese market, researchers believe that saturation is far from happening anytime soon. (This article was written with information of a research done by Flurry analyst firm).

Source: Caixin

China E-Commerce

E-Commerce Giant Aims to Develop Set-Top Box

Alibaba is taking a significant step in its aim to establish its presence in consumer’s daily life. The E-Commerce company and digital TV network Operator Wasu Media are working together to launch their set-top box. While Wasu will be in charge of developing the hardware, Alibaba will provide the operating system. Now, the set-top box will contain some similar components to ordinary set-top boxes, such as streaming of video content and TV programs, however, Alibaba is putting an e-commerce touch to it as the device will also allow TV viewers to shop from their TV screens. iResearch analysts Yan Huawen anticipates that the Alibaba set-top box will allow easier shopping from TV screens compared to other similar devices. In addition, the president of Wasu announced that the product will be unveiled in the next two or three months.

Source: Shanghaidaily

China Gaming

Mobile Gaming is Growing . . . Fast!

The mobile gaming industry seems to be unstoppable. During the first half of 2013, the industry has made a revenue of 2.53 billion yuan. Yet, it is not its revenue that is remarkable, it is the industry’s growth! The revenue of the industry has grown over 100% compared to the same period last year. In addition, users reached 171 million people, which is an increase of 119.3% from last year. Perhaps it is time to invest in mobile gaming.

Source: techweb.com.cn

China Digital

Baidu is on the Rise . . . Thanks to the Mobile Industry!

Baidu announced today that it had second quarter total revenues of 7.561 billion yuan, a tremendous increase of 38.6%. In regards to Baidu’s significant growth, the Chairman and CEO of the company announced that Baidu's online marketing customers have increased by 58,000, making it a record. What allowed all this growth to happen? According to Baidu’s Chairman and CEO it has a lot to do with Baidu’s increasing popularity on mobile devices as for the first time, over 10% of the total revenue of Baidu came from mobile services.

Source: techweb.com.cn