Daily Digital Pulse of China: Huawei, B2B Platforms & Latest Mobile User Statistics

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Huawei Provides Platform for Chinese Tech Companies to Expand

Huawei is a company that provides telecom equipment to telecommunication companies. Recently, however, its role in the industry has expanded beyond that and it is now working with content providers who produce mobile apps. Telco companies don’t just want equipment anymore, they want content, and they need that to survive in today’s digital world. Huawei saw the opportunity in this situation and started introducing Chinese app companies to various telco companies. A particularly perfect place for Chinese company expansion is Indonesia, a country with a culture that’s similar to the Chinese market. Having Huawei as a strong connection alone isn’t not sufficient, though. Companies need to be localized and dedicated to win over any market.

Source: Tech In Asia

China Digital

The Top Chinese B2B Platforms in Q2 2013

According to research, the top 10 B2B platforms were Alibaba B2B, HC, Global Sources, DHGate, Focus Technology,, Shengyibaoku, Shanghai steel Union, the global market, and IBI. Alibaba was the clear front-runner with a 52.83% in brand influence, driven by site traffic and revenue. The influence indices of HC, Global Sources, DHGate, and Focus Technology have increased slightly since the first quarter. The rest of the companies have been relatively small market players.

Source: China Internet Watch

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The Latest Statistics Shows Potential for Endless Growth in Shanghai’s New-Ecommerce Market

SinaWeibo has rolled out a partial English-language interface which has been a long time coming. Sina fully localised a version of the Weiboiphone app in English back in 2011 so a question is why has it taken so long to catch up on the web. Some issues with translation are also evident at this moment in time; however Sina hasn’t actually announced the English interface yet so it was probably discovered before the company was ready for it to go primetime.

Source: China Internet Watch