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Sina Launches New Crossplatform Ad System Longyuan

Introducing Longyuan a recently launched cross platform ad system launched by Sina, Longyuan is integrated into Sina Weibo’s online video service and mobile counterparts. The new ad system covers the spans of both Sina Weibo and Sina news portal. With this new system, User’s as experience will be targeted automatically based on the user account cookie id and preferences. Longyuan is convenient to advertisers in the sense that advertisers can pick and choose how many users they would like to reach out to. They can also control the timing and how often the ads would be shown. Back in March Sina had established Sina Ad Exchang (SAX). SAX is currently connected to more than twenty local demand-side platforms, an important note that differentiates SAX from other as exchange’s would be that the online media ad inventory of SAX comes from Sina’s online properties only.

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Former Chief of Yahoo States That “Yahoo China Been Hollowed Out by Alibaba’s Ma”

This past weekend Yahoo China has officially shut down their news and community services and is making their exit out of the Chinese market. Yahoo’s history in China began when Yahoo China had transferred its ownership over to Alibaba’s back in 2005. Back in September 2012, Alibaba had spent about $7.1 billion usd in order to recover the 20% share that Yahoo had control over. There are those who believe that while Alibaba was in control they had shut down Yahoo’s service in China prematurely due to the costs. There are also industry leaders today who attribute Yahoo’s failure to Alibaba’s Jack Ma, some blame him as being the instigator who surgically moved a lot of Yahoo China’s core business value into Alibaba. In 2005 when Ma had taken over Yahoo China the first feature that was taken down was their internet searches, Then in January 2007 Ma changed Yahoo China’s information portal model into the search function of business yellow pages, about a year after that Ma had abandoned Yahoo China’s original three business units that entailed new media, searching and communications, transferring the chief of Yahoo’s search division to Taobao’s e-commerce platform. Yahoo China has went from 600 employees back in August 2005 down to 200. All of which are only responsible for information content, email and finance and sale. Back in August 2005 Yahoo bought a 40% stake in Alibaba for $1 billion usd. Xie (Yahoo China’s president at the time) believed Ma had accepted Yahoo’s investment in order to market Yahoo’s search engine enter into the Chinese market. Reports state that “Alibaba didn’t see success over the past years in various moves to transfer yahoo china technology team into Alibabas search business.” These incidences all contributed to Yahoo China’s exit out of the Chinese marketplace.

Source: Want China Times

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Cooperation Between Huawei and CCTV On New Chinese Media Storage

China Central Televison and Huawei are linking up with Huawei to develop an energy high-density media resource storage system. This strategic cooperation will create a larger and higher performance storage platform. Reports show that Huawei had 330 data centers around the world which included about 70 cloud data centers. In addition Huawei cooperates with over 260 cloud computing customers worldwide. This new project will not only improve media resource access and management efficiency but it will also help to conserve energy by 60 to 80 percent. With cloud computing on the rise, Huawei will add more value to its impressive performance in 2013. Huawei claims that their storage shipment ranked number one in the Greater China region but it also ranked number eighth when compared with the world. They are also top three in china when it comes to server shipments.

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