Digital Daily Pulse of China: B2C, Sina Weibo and Smart Devices

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Latest Stats for B2C Shopping Markets

The new stats are in regarding the B2C shopping markets in China. According to China e-Business Research Center, China’s Internet retailing market increased by 47.3% year or year to CNY754.2 billion, which accounts for about 6.8% of total retail sales in consumer goods throughout China. The trading scale for online shopping is predicted to reach CNY 1.741 trillion. T-mall.com has a market share of 50.4% making it number one in Chinese B2C Internet retailing market. Next in line is JD.com with a market share of 20.7% In addition the report also shows a well maintained C2C structure during the 1st half of 2013. Taobao came in 1st place with a 95.1% market share, 2nd place was Tencent’s Paipai.com with about 4.7%.When it comes to China’s express delivery services we see from January to June 2013 delivery companies delivered around 3.84 billion packages with a year on year increase of 60.6% not to mention the related revenue was a whopping CNY 62.98 billion, that equates to a year on year increase of 34.5%.

Source: China Tech News

China Digital

Sina Weibo Acquires Social Search Site Yun Yun

Sina Weibo has acquired Yun Yun, a social search site that was founded by a former Google China executive in early 2012. Yun Yun’s functions include general search, real-time search, image search, and a social network, which was suspended a month ago. A search function is one of six monetization approaches for Sina Weibo, the only approach that hasn’t yet been initiated.

Source: Tech Node

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500 Million Active Smart Devices in China & Counting

The Market for smart devices has recently reached its all time high of 5000 Million active smart devices during its 2nd Quarter in 2013, that’s double in comparison to 2012 Q4. To go deeper into the 500 million devices, about roughly 340 million are Android powered devices, 150 million are iOS and 7.40 million are Windows. Data on this was reported by Umeng. When we look further into the report, we see that Android has made substantial growth where as Apple’s total share resulted in a 5.4% drop due to no device being released in the past half year. Domestic brand Lenovo replaced HTC; it is now the second largest Android phone manufacturer. An interesting reported statistic shows that only 30% of Android users try out new apps this April. Top 10% of users downloaded 66% of the new apps. Users in 1st Tier cities rather enjoy the apps regarding photo management, whereas people who prefer games reside in the 2nd tier.

Source: Tech Node