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Alibab's Incorporates E-Commerce Services into its Smart TVs

The first Alibaba smart television made its sales debut yesterday. The Internet giant, together with manufacturer Skyworth, has created a lineup of three smart TVs that use Alibaba’s smart TV operating system and Skyworth’s Tianci system. Alibaba, while providing a platform to watch various television channels, is also trying to prove that online shopping isn’t just limited to computers and mobile devices. Alibaba’s e-commerce services have been integrated into its smart TV operating systems, allowing users to purchase goods and make secure payments linked to Alibaba’s Alipay. The OS also includes games and other forms of entertainment. According to Yu Ce, the vice president of Alibaba, the new smart TV solves the problem of e-payment and brings online shopping to not just the younger generation, but people all different kinds of demographics.

Source: The Next Web

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The Influence of Mobile Ads on Chinese Mobile Users

In the west, Internet ads are typically considered successful if they average one click for every 100 views. In China, however, 53% of mobile users say that “their consuming behavior was influenced to some extent by mobile ads,” a statistic reported in a new study by Renren Games. A few more significant points from the study are as follows. 71% of mobile users will not go outside without their mobile device in hand. 76% have made purchases via mobile. 46% choose their mobile devices over television and desktop computers. 74% are looking at more purchases from mobile. Finally, 27% say they are more receptive to graphic ads, 20% to text ads, and just 9% to video ads.

Source: Tech In Asia

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Latest E-commerce Data Shows 713 Billion USD in Transactions in H1 2013

New statistics are in! Reports show that the China e-commerce transactions reached 4.4 trillion yuan (USD 713.27 billion) by June 30 2013. That means a 24.3% increase from last year. Further examination shows a 15.3% year on year increase totaling 3.4 trillion yuan (551.17 billion).

Revenue from B2B in the first alf of 2013 hit 9.38 billion yuan (USD 1.52 billion) that’s a 25.9 year on year increase. Alibaba is still the leader when it comes to B2B with a 43% share. When it comes to the B2C market, Tmall is ranked 1st with a 50.4% market share followed by Jingdong with 20.7%. Taobao is till king of the C2C market with a dominating 95.1%.

The numbers speak for themselves. E-commerce is expanding fast and wide in china. Currently there are around 2.2 million people working in e-commerce enterprises and about 277 million users and it will continue to expand into integrated parts of the Chinese consumer’s life.

Source: China Internet Watch