Daily Digital Pulse of China: WeChat, Taobao & Sina

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New Update: WeShow Will Be Integrating Into WeChat

About a year ago Tencent was in development of WeShow/ Weishi in Chinese, this video platform allows for up to about 8 second long video clips, it appears that these videos are hosted by Tencent Video. There are few who know about the company and there hasn’t been much buzz or promotions regarding this company within the past year. However, WeChat has now decided to adopt WeShow and integrate it into WeChat’s platform, this means that we will now be able to share video clips and pictures regarding our most memorable moments on WeChat. This feature is still under testing but has potential to become a popular platform in WeChats App.

Source: Tech Node

China Digital

Taobao Updates its Mobile App

Taobao has released a new version of its app that’s more social in nature than its last version. Two plugins were created and integrated into the app to allow for interactive promotions to take place. The first is called “Deals for Fans,” which helps push promotions to followers, and the second is called “Lotto Shaker,” which prompts users to shake their smart phones to try their luck. This new version has also implemented Wangxin, which is a voice messaging app to facilitate communication between consumers and retailers, allowing users to talk to sellers directly. The new app also supports voice messages, images, and emoticons. Users can also “like” items.

Source: Tech Node

China Digital

$25 million Invested in Chinese Vplayer Startup

Sina, Redpoint Ventures, Morningside Ventures and other undisclosed investors have recently have put a $25million in series B funding into the Chinese video app startup Xuantixia. Jane Sun who is the product manager of Xuantixia stated that the company has received the money last week. Xuantixia the Beijing based team now employs over 30 people and have previously collaborated with Sina in production of the Sina Paike video app for the huge web company. The Vplayer, Xuantixia’s most valuable product is essentially a popular and flexible video playing app for both the Android and IPhone. Another app called Miaopai would be better suited toward the Chinese netizens community because it provides a Vine-like app that’s similar to the version of the Yixia video app. Xuanyixia’s framework service includes a video decoder and renderer for both the iOS and Android. Vitamio is used to power videos on number of sites including Ku6, Sina and Chinese state broadcaster CCTV.

Source: TechInAsia