Daily Digital Pulse Of China: E-Commerce, Alibaba, Mobile Users

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Ways That Chinese E-Commerce Companies Can Win Over Their Consumers

The consumers who are emerging from China are becoming increasingly connected, independent, and confident. They are also adjusting to the amount of choice being presented to them, especially within the realm of e-commerce. China now has nearly 600 million netizens, and the challenge for e-commerce businesses at the moment is finding out exactly what influences customers to spend money online. Research has found that men shop differently than women do. They tend to be more goal-oriented and buy items specifically for themselves. Both sexes, however, look for lower prices and greater convenience while shopping online. More men are actually more active than women when it comes to purchasing items online. Also, 66% of online consumers have microblogs and use social networks, which is information that e-commerce businesses need to capitalize on. The rise of mobile, or m-commerce, shows us that the businesses’ engagement with consumers in a mobile manner is absolutely crucial. Increased sales can be a driver of new sales, as customers regularly share their shopping experiences on social media. Things that companies can do to win over their consumers is to earn their trust, get connected and provide as smooth and convenient an experience as possible, and work on communicating effectively.

Source: CNN

China Digital

Alibaba And China Telecom To Create Cloud Data Center

China Telecom has partnered with Alibaba. The companies plan on creating a cloud data center and putting forward a new marketing model. They will also cooperate in-depth on information services, such as basic communications service, mobile internet, cloud computing, and a data center. Alipay will also be providing credit guarantee to its users to obtain China Telecom custom smartphones for zero yuan. By teaming up, Alibaba and China Telecom will be able to share their promo resources and gain larger user base. In addition to all that has been listed above, the two companies will be offering more innovative hardware and software to provide communications and e-commerce solutions to small and medium enterprises, governments, and incorporations.

Source: Tech Node

China Digital

Chinese Mobile Netizens Account For 78.5% Of Total Netizens

In June of this year, China’s netizen population surpassed 591 million, or 44% penetration. This growth was promoted by government support, 3g network popularity, and a surge of mobile netizens. The penetration of mobile netizens has risen from 74.5% in December of 2012 to 78.5%. Instant messaging and mobile search have ranked as the most popular apps, with the growth rate of traditional messaging lagging from 6.16% to 2.5%. Other industries that have been affected by mobile apps are taxi and medical care.

Source: Tech Node