Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Tencent, Baidu & Sina

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Here Comes 12 Digits: Good Move Tencent

It has been revealed that Tencent has hit a new landmark, the total value of the company has entered into the realm of 12 digits, a whopping $101.05 billion, and this means that they are now playing in the mega leagues with Facebook which is currently valued at $103.53 billion. So how did this happen? Well on Monday Tencent revealed their purchase of a 36.5% share of search engine Sogou. This deal should benefit both parties by increasing their search engine traffic. Although The Hong Kong Stock Exchange valued the company at $101.05 billion dollars on Monday, it has been reported that on Tuesday that Tencent went back below the $100 billion mark. Tencents Collaboration with Sogou could mean bad news for other search engines and their company value. It has been reported that Qihoo shares have fell 5.61 percent overnight on the NASDAQ.

Source: Tech In Asia

China Digital

Baidu’s Slipping In Market Control, While Qihoo, Soso and Sogou Make Their Climb Up

Reports confirm that Baidu, who ranks number one in China’s search engine space, is dropping its market share while other search engines are catching up sporadically. By looking at how much control Baidu has of the market share we can see the trend its been heading towards. Just June of this year they held 69% of China’s market share but currently it has dropped to 66%. Other search engine company’s market value have been on the rise. Qihoo a faitly new search engine started out with 1% of the total market share this time last year, now it controls about 17% in just one year. Competition in China’s search engine market is tough and the recent collaboration between Tencent and Sogou could only mean that minor players like Soso and Sogou will make it tougher for Baidu. Let’s say for instance Tencent is able to integrate Sogou’s services into both their QQ and WeChat platforms. One can bet on seeing massive boosts in traffic causing trouble for the company Baidu and Qihoo together. Tencent’s recent move deserves applause, this one move allowed Sogo to enter into double figures for the first time ever and spells massive increase of traffic and monetizing potential. Tencent please take a bow.

Source: Tech In Asia

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Sina Portal to Become Self-Publishing Media Platform

Sina portal is striving to become a self-publishing media platform. While covering content from more traditional media, the new writing platform, We-Media, plans to cover more original content created by individual writers, which can be divided into three classes: First-tier columnists, reports of traditional media who write in their spare time, and grassroots writers. Sina will be developing a backend system for them, as well as providing different types of publishing channels, such as a content generator, column, blog, and Weibo. Sina also plans on offering analytical tools to help improve content quality – content that will come in a variety of forms, like text, video, and pictures. High-content quality is key, as life-related content will become the highlights of the platform. An ad revenue sharing platform will also be established, and the company will be diversifying revenue structure by adding value-added service and e-commerce into this new platform.

Source: Tech Node