Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Qihoo, Tencent & Alibaba

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Qihoo’s Apps Removed by Chinese Android App Stores

Xaomi is removing all Qihoo mobile apps from its proprietary Android app store in retaliation to a push notification sent by Qihoo to its users telling them to delete the Xiamo app stores from their phones. This sort of instance isn’t the first of its kind to happen Qihoo, either. Baidu has said that Qihoo has once done the same thing to its Baidu Maps app. How did Qihoo respond to such claims? The company stated that it was simply a reminder to remove pre-installed third party apps because many are rarely launched by users. According to Qihoo, it is up to the users to decide, especially when the aforementioned third-party apps usually contain spam and/or breach privacy. Pre-installation, however, has been a significant channel to reach users, and companies who have been affected by Qihoo’s notifications are angry with the Internet company due to Qihoo’s bad record in app distribution and its push content.

Source: Tech Node

China Digital

Kanbox: Alibaba’s New Acquired Private Cloud Computing Service

Alibaba’s recent move of acquiring Kanbox (a provate cloud computing service) will provide more convenient access to data for users of Alibaba. Kanbox was originally founded in June of 2010 and grew to a 100-employee company. Kanbox states that their user base is around 13 million and out of that 2 million also use Kanbox service on mobile devices. Kanbox has received two major investments from angle investor Charles Xue (founder of UTStarcom) and a group led by DCM. It seems that Alibaba’s acquisition of Kanbox will help to increase user loyalty and its service competitiveness. More importantly with Kanbox, Alibaba can no begin personalizing its cloud computing services. Cloud computing will be an important aspect to Alibaba’s vast and growing e-commerce Empire.

Source: Want China Times

China Digital

Tencent Released New App WeShow Allowing Users to Create & Share Short Video Clips

Tencent makes a good move with the new release of WeShow. WeShow allows for users under Tencent’s social networking services to create and post video clips or share these videos with their friends. These clips span anywhere from two to eight seconds. WeShow only supports the login of three kinds of Tencent accounts. These accounts include Tencent Weibo, QQ and QQ Mail. In order to raise awareness about this new app, Tencent has used celebrities in order to attract more attention. So far this service is only available on iOS platform. WeShow is different from its namesake that Tencent had released in 2011. WeShow accounts will follow users’ QQ friends automatically. Both of these two services are not available for WeChat accounts but WeShow users can share their videos to Tencent Weibo and WeChat friends. With Tecents new entry it will only be a matter of time before a new wave of short video clip apps start to develop.

Source: Tech Node