Daily Digital Pulse of China: Baidu, Qihoo, & Smartwatches

China Digital

Baidu Reports that 46.6% of Chinese Users Would Purchase Smartwatches

According to a recent report by Baidu, 93% of those surveyed are familiar with the concept of the smart watch. If price were no object, about 50% of those surveyed would consider purchasing smart bracelets and watches, while about 20% would definitely purchase one. The most appealing aspect of the devices seem to be their ability to help wearers keep fit and to overcome laziness by implementing sports plans.

Source: Tech Node

China Digital

Qihoo Wants A Quarter of Search Engine Market Share by the Year’s End

As of October of this year, Qihoo has officially reached their annual goal of taking over 20% of the search engine market. Qihoo’s biggest rival, Baidu, has lost some of its market share, going from 72% at the beginning of the year to 62% currently. Qihoo also only makes about a third of the revenue per user that Baidu does, as it has chosen not to display certain types of ads on its site.

Source: Tech Node

China Digital

Baidu Announces Q3 Finance Report

China search engine Baidu has announced its third quarter finance report, stating that its total Q3 revenue has reached 8.89 billion yuan. The market leader’s revenue is 42.3% up on Q3 of their previous year, with mobile search users reaching over 130 million. The company has estimated its total revenue for Q4 to be between 9.22 billion yuan and 9.48 billion yuan.

Source: China Internet Watch