Daily Digital Pulse of China: Tencent & Taobao

China E-Commerce

Tencent’s Fengling Unveiled

Fengling has been released. Tencent created this WeChat-based mobile web design tool to specifically target mobile marketing and promotion. It helps users make HTML 5-based websites and also lets them integration interaction, communication, and LBS and KPI monitoring functions. Users can choose from two different types of websites to create: General sites, which can be made using a drag-and-drop method, and industrial sites, which is a more customized option, only available to members.

Source: QQ Blog

China E-Commerce

What Have the Chinese been Buying on Taobao in 2013?

Astoundingly, almost 6,000 individuals residing in upper-class areas of China sent more than 1 million RMB (approximately $164,000) each on Taobao’s platforms in 2013. Big-purchase items such as cars, land-use rights, and vacations became available on Taobao this past year, so it’s no surprise that people have been able to spend so much. It has also been reported by Alibaba that fathers were becoming much more involved in purchasing goods for babies, as they accounted for 44 percent of all transactions in the category, up from just 12 percent last year. Sales jumped nearly 200% on dashboard video cameras (3.3 million sold this year), possibly attributed to the increase in automobile sales, as well as an increase in car accident disputes. Unsurprisingly, 870 million RMB was also spent on anti-pollution products, an almost 200% increase in 11 months. And finally, the giant rubber duck that brought many visitors to Hong Kong and Beijing prompted 8.5 million RMB in sales on duck-related items.

Source: Ebrun