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Tencent’s Micro Cloud

Tencent has released news of its upcoming 2.0 version of its Micro Cloud storage service. The new version will give the user several new features that convert the experience from an integration service to a storage one. This new version is expected to be available on January 15th. The cloud service now has 300 million users, a milestone reached just seven months after it hit the 100 million user mark in May of 2013. Users can now save websites, files, and notes and will be able to sync everything across multiple devices. The service will also be implementing integration into other Tencent products, such as QQ Offline Transmission, QQ Mail, QQ Album, and more. Tencent also wants to have the cloud service pre-installed into devices like smart phones and wearable ones.

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Tencent’s Micro Cloud

The Chinese government is now issuing mobile virtual network operator licenses, and Alibaba’s subsidiary company, HiChina, and also have obtained them. What does having these licenses mean? The companies can now lease mobile services from the three state-run carriers but can offer their own packages with data and discounts. As of right now, 11 firms have received these licenses. hopes to become the country’s fourth-largest mobile carrier within the next half decade. This move will likely result in more mobile shoppers for the companies’ e-commerce platforms.

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Bitcoin Value Drops 15% After Taobao Decision

Bitcoin shares have fallen by 15% in a single day. This drop in price came almost immediately after Taobao announced that it is placing an official ban on use of bitcoin effective January 14. The e-commerce platform also announced that it would ban certain bitcoin accessories, such as computer hardware and software for bitcoin mining. Industry insiders believe that as long as bitcoin in still available on other major platforms, Taobao’s decision will not affect the price too much in the long term. Bitcoin’s value fluctuated immensely throughout 2013. The digital currency was worth $13 US in early 2013, with the price reaching as high as $1200 US later in the year. Bitcoin’s current value is approximately $780 US.

Source:Want China Times

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Visual China Group Is Approved By Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission

The Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has conditionally approved the Visual China Group (VCG) via Far East Industrial Stock. Brands under VCG are CFP, Getty Image China, TungStar, and Shijue. CFP is an online editorial imagery contents provider and distributing platform. The company aims at providing Chinese and overseas customers with high quality images, videos, and visual products. Getty Images China is a domestic provider for creative class photos, copyright, and entrust shoot. It aims to provide high quality images, video material and visual service. TungStar is a production agency, which specialises in editing entertainment and news pictures and videos. The production agency has editing groups in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Finally Shijue is an active sharing community for visual pictures and socialised e-commerce platform. The market size of Chinese copyright pictures is estimated to reach 1.2 billion yuan and exceed 2.5 million yuan by 2015, according to report released by research institution CCID on June 2013.