Daily Digital Pulse of China: Tencent, Mobile Messaging Apps, Online Video Sites

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Tencent Opens Its Payment Service to All Businesses

Tencent has done something big for its popular mobile messaging app, WeChat. It has added support for any brand to allow their consumers to make purchases or buy services within the app itself. It also works for in-store payments. With the app’s ubiquitous nature, this feature is sure to bring more brands to WeChat and more users to its payment feature.

Source:Tech In Asia

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Analyzing China’s Top Mobile Messenger Apps

Tencent’s WeChat and QQ have all the other competitors beat by quite a bit, with QQ’s 325.71 million active users and WeChat’s 295.712 million. Another point to note is that male usage outnumbers female usage by quite a bit, as males make up 61.69% of the demographic and females make up the rest. Users of such apps are predominantly in the 35 or below age group and from medium and low income backgrounds. When considering occupation, workers/service workers were the primary group, followed by public institution leaders and staff, and after that, students.

Source:China Internet Watch

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An Overview of China’s Online Video Market during Q4 2013

China’s online video market reached 12.81 billion RMB, with a 41.9% year-on-year increase. That market is expected to maintain rapid growth and reach 36.6 billion RMB by 2017. What’s contributing significantly to these revenues is the fact that mobile client commercialization is increasing, and thus, bringing copyrighted content (television shows and sporting events) to such online video sites. Revenues from advertising accounted for 75% percent of total revenue in 2013. This percentage is expected to increase to about 77.1% in 2017. The monthly online video user coverage of PC web pages and PC clients was 460 million and 340 million respectively in November of 2013. The user scale continues to grow remain at a stable, steady rate. In contrast, the number of users of mobile video apps reached 170 million in November of 2013, up a staggering 72.9% compared to the number of users in December 2012.

Source:China Internet Watch