Daily Digital Pulse of China: Tencent, E-Payments, Alibaba & Jingdong

China E-Commerce

Tencent Invests in South Korean Mobile Game Company

Tencent has invested $500 million USD for a stake in South Korea’s CJ Games. CJ games develops both casual and more in-depth mobile RPG games. The casual ones are meant to be integrated with Korea’s KakaoTalk and its social gaming functions. When the deal is finalized, Tencent will own 28% of CJ Games. Not only does Tencent have the country’s most popular messaging app, WeChat, is is also China’s biggest gaming company. The deal could bring some of Korea’s games to China via WeChat.

Source: Tech In Asia

China E-Commerce

The Growth of China’s Electronic Payments is Going Strong

The vice president of Baidu has announced that Baidu will be establishing its own mobile game division by merging its Duokoo mobile game business with its 91 Wireless game business.

Source: Digital Journal

China E-Commerce

Taobao’s Foray into the Domestic Service Market

Taobao’s mobile app has launched a domestic services platform that connects customers with domestic service providers. This new feature is called “home life” and will initially only cover Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and 15 other cities. There are 70,000 regular housekeeping staff assigned to the platform. The service will be funded by Alipay and will allow patrons to rate the services afterwards.

Source: Women of China

China E-Commerce

Coolpad’s New E-commerce Strategy

Top smartphone producer ‘Coolpad’ has formed a strategic cooperation agreement with Chinese e-commerce platform JD.com. A procurement contract of CNY10 billion has been agreed and signed, with the smartphone producer looking to sell their products more directly to the Internet sector. Li Bin, executive vice president of Coolpad has boasted bookings of over 1,600 units of their e-commerce customized products on JD.com and has stated that the e-commerce channel has become an important link in the smartphone industrial chain. The future will see Coolpad enhancing its investments in the e-commerce sector with diversified strategies on other e-commerce platforms.

Source: China Tech News

China E-Commerce

Logistics Mobile App Gains Traction in China

A new type of express delivery model has appeared in Chengdu in China’s Sichuan province. Every person that downloads the app is able to become a tentative delivery person and be paid 10 to 30 Yuan for their services. It has brought about a new business model where everyone participates in express delivery. Regulations will be needed for its positive development considering the low barriers to entry. The idea is a combination of mobile Internet and peer to peer concepts. People can deliver the parcels en-route to their workplaces. The incentive for people to deliver the package safely is by freezing the worth of that package in the delivery person’s bank account. It is an innovative business model that uses modern day development by integrating idle traffic resources’, information and logistics flow.

Source: iResearch China