Daily Digital Pulse of China: Jingdong

China E-Commerce to Develop its O2O Model

Jingdong has signed with about 10,000 Chinese convenience stores to establish an innovative online-to-offline retail plan. These 10,000 convenience stores will cover 15 cities, and will include brands like Quik, Good Neighbors, Buddies, C&U, and Meijiya. The deals will let Chinese customers buy items online and have them delivered or be picked up at physical locations. It will also let them use online payment methods at the brick-and-mortar stores themselves.

Source: China Tech News

China E-Commerce to take a Leap into the Chinese Virtual Communications Industry will be launching JD Mobile this May, which will include both products and numbers. recently revealed the brand logo and a sample SIM card designed for the line. The new logo will have Joy,’s mascot dog on it, representing a link between the parent company and this new one.

Source: China Tech News