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07. August 2009
Oak Pacific Interactive Chairmain Joe Chen announced this week to change the name of popular Chinese social networking website to's literal meaning ('inside school') highlights the fact that it was originally designed as a platform for graduates to keep in touch. However this also proved to be a barrier for extending its user base beyond students. Ren Ren Wang now seeks to attract a wider audience by literally meaning 'everybody's web'.
07. April 2009
The following is a reprint of our recent guest post on Techcrunch. A big thank you goes out to David Li and Richard Yu, who wrote on this article together with Web2Asia's George Godula. Additionally we would like to thank Season Xu, Keso, Herock and Web2Asia's Michael Hohenwarter who also contributed to this article. Despite China's massively growing internet market, international giants like Google and Facebook are having trouble making gains with the 300 million Chinese online users. China's...