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23. October 2009
After our Geeks on a Plane Tour, one of the participants Adrian Bye was so thrilled that he decided to stay in China for another 2 weeks to do some 1:1 interviews with Chinese entrepreneurs. Adrian runs MeetInnovators, where he publishes interviews with founders and CEOs of web-based companies. Today's interview is with serial entrepreneur Nick Yang. The full transcript and mp3 files of this interview can be downloaded on Adrians CEO interview ressource here.
27. April 2009
China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) just released its Q1 Report on the Telecommunication Industry: China's total telephone subscribers exceed 1 billion. Mobile phone users reached 670 million, which is nearly double the fixed telephone subscribers. Alone in March, the net increase of mobile phone users nationwide was 10,551,000 - a new monthly record. Q1 2009 telecommunication industry turnover: RMB 587 billion (US$ 86 Billion), + 10,8%. Q1 2009 mobile & data...