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25. November 2009
Sina broke the news today that - according to an unnamed insider - Chinese entertainment company Shanda (NasdaqGS: SNDA) has just completed the acquisition of local Youtube clone Ku6. Ku6 is generally regarded as number 3 after Tudou and Youku among the Chinese video hosting companies. The price was not disclosed, according to the article. If this is true, it would be fantastic news for the Chinese Internet market. Very little M&A activity has happened here in the past and its rather...
04. November 2009
Here we go with another China interview from our Geeks on a Plane Tour participants Adrian Bye. Adrian runs MeetInnovators, which features interviews with founders and CEOs of web-based companies. The full transcript and mp3 files of this interview can be downloaded on Adrians CEO interview ressource here.
13. April 2009
Kaiser Kuo over at Youku Buzz recently shared some interesting stats from an "average day" at Chinese video hoster Youku. On Saturday the 4th of April Youku had 146,803,100 video views which was up by 4.15% from the previous Saturday. Total view time amounted to 1,253,850,000 minutes — no, you’re not reading that wrong, that’s really 1.25 billion minutes. Which is almost 21 million hours, or 870 thousand days, or 2,385 years. Each video view lasted an average of 8.54 minutes, which is...
26. March 2009
Daily Economic News today revealed that the Chinese video hosting service Pomoho silently relocated its HQ from Beijing to Hangzhou. There the company apparently will receive around 6 Million RMB (900.000 US$) in funding through a newly set up "Government Venture Capital Fund" from the Hangzhou city government. Additionally, Pomoho is expecting to raise another 10 to 20 Million US$ in foreign investments, mainly from their previous investor, an undisclosed Singaporean Venture Capital Company....
05. March 2009
Since last night YouTube has apparently been blocked (once again) in China. Some internet users from different parts of the country however reported that they have had access to the site temporarily and its not entirely clear if it’s just some technical glitch or if the Great Chinese Firewall indeed is in action again. Youtube had previously been not accessible in China from time to time during the last view years, however since around the time of the Olympics last year had been stable and...
19. February 2009
Check out this great video report by CASBAA - The Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia ( on the online video market in China: