Facebook Developer Garage Shanghai

Today was the second Shanghai Facebook Developer Garage. Congratulations to organizer David Li for a full house at M1NT club and the following great speakers:


  • Wei Zhu, Platform Engineer, Facebook Platform
  • Are Mack Growen, Director, Playfish China, Design of Social Game
  • Ellison Gao, CEO, Five Minutes, Development of Facebook Application
  • Zhang Lijun, Openapilabs Use fbopen for SNS extension
  • Wang Lin, Platform Architect, Taobao, Shop on Facebook, open platform mashup
  • Loc Le, Director of Technology and Vivid Savitri, Creative Director, Trigger
    Theatrical Games on Web, Social Media and iPhone Platform
  • Jerry Jin, Director, Tsong, Web3D and FB Apps
  • David Li, CTO, Citymoments, Facebook Connect and local business

More pictures here on our flickr account. The event was broadcasted over Kyte and can be reviewed here:

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