Asian Equivalents of Western Web Services Part 02: South Korea

Part 2 of our series on leading Western Web Services and their Asian counterparts is about one of the most wired countries in the world: South Korea. Please visit Koreacrunch to see the original post done by Channy Yun, who again had posted his overview in response to Serkan Totos post on Japanese equivalents of Western Web sites.


General Web Services

Leading Western Web Service Korean Equivalent
Google Naver
Wikipedia Wikipedia Korean & Naver Dictionary
Facebook Cyworld
Flickr Cyworld's Photo Sharing
Digg Mixsh, Daum View & Allblog
LinkedIn Linknow & Incruit
Twitter me2day
Youtube Daum tvPot &
Amazon Aladdin No equivalent
dooyoo Danawa
Netflix No equivalent
Craigslist No equivalent
imdb No equivalent
Wall Street Journal Online ChosunIlbo
Job Korea
Ebay Auction
No equivalent
Technorati Allblog
Yahoo! Answers Naver Knowledge In
Zynga Hangame
Naver Screenshot
Naver Screenshot


Leading Western Web Service
Korean Equivalent
Bloter No equivalent
Huffington Post No equivalent No equivalent
Boing Boing No equivalent
Gizmodo No equivalent
Engadget Engadget Korean
Engadget Korea Screenshot
Engadget Korea Screenshot

Web Tools & Software

Leading Western Web Service Korean Equivalent
Gmail Hanmail
Google Docs & Spreadsheet ThinkFree
Blogger Tistory
iTunes Melon & Bugs
BitTorrent clubbox
Word Press TextCube
Bugs Screenshot
Bugs Screenshot

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