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05. August 2009
Part 2 of our series on leading Western Web Services and their Asian counterparts is about one of the most wired countries in the world: South Korea. Please visit Koreacrunch to see the original post done by Channy Yun, who again had posted his overview in response to Serkan Totos post on Japanese equivalents of Western Web sites.
07. July 2009
Two interesting developments in the East Asian Internet scene came up early this July: Our friends at and Asiajian report that Korean Search Giant Naver has opened its new Japanese version to 5,000 beta testers. The company had previously tried to crack the Japanese market but gave up on their first attempt in 2005. Naver is by far Koreas most popular search engine with way over 70% domestic market share. The company is regarded as a true pioneer in search and developed many...
04. March 2009
Our friend Chang Kim recently pointed out an interesting article by the Economist regarding the international expansion plans of the Korean search giant Naver. According to the report the company plans to launch several more culturally specific search engines, such as “Naver California”, “Naver Korean-American” or “Naver Chinese-American”. Read the full post from Chang on his blog Web 2.0 Asia here and the original Economist interview with Navers CEO Mr. Chae here.