Top 30: China's most valuable Internet Companies

In response to Serkan Toto's Post on Japan's most valuable Internet Companies, we compiled a list with the Top 30 Internet & Telecommunication Companies on the Chinese market.


They are ranked according to their market capitalization, whenever possible we link to the English Version of their homepage. Note: Market Cap is based on the stock prices of the 18th of August 2009, for their current value click on the Stock Exchange Link.


While currently most companies are listed either in the US (NASDAQ and NYSE) or on the Hong Kong Stock Market (SEHK), it will be interesting to see if the Chinese Mainland stock market (SSE) can attract more investment in the future.

Rank Company Market Cap Stock Exchange Description
 1 China Mobile US$ 214 Billion NYSE/SEHK Nationwide Mobile Telecommunication Provider
 2 China Telecom
US$ 39.71 Billion
NYSE/SEHK Nationwide Telecommunication Provider
 3 China Unicom
US$ 32.44 Billion
NYSE/SEHK/SSE Nationwide Mobile Telecommunication Provider
Tencent Holdings
US$ 26.8 Billion SEHK Internet & Mobile Phone Value Added Service
US$ 11.95 Billion SEHK B2B Trade & Online Retail
6 Baidu US$ 11.75 Billion NASDAQ Search Engine
7 Netease US$ 5.34 Billion NASDAQ Web Portal & Online Gaming
8 CTrip US$ 3.41 Billion NASDAQ Travelling Site
9 Shanda US$ 3.13 Billion NASDAQ Online Gaming
10 Sohu US$ 2.93 Billion NASDAQ Web Portal & Online Gaming
11 Changyou US$ 1.91 Billion NASDAQ Online Gaming
12 Perfect World US$ 1.89 Billion NASDAQ Online Gaming
13 Giant Interactive US$ 1.76 Billion NYSE Online Gaming
14 Sina US$ 1.6 Billion NASDAQ Web Portal
15 Focus Media US$ 1.14 Billion NASDAQ (Internet) Advertising (Allyes Information Tech.)
16 China Distance Education Hold. US$ 1.13 Billion NYSE Online Education
17 Kingsoft US$ 1.17 Billion SEHK Software Company
18 Kong Zhong US$ 428 Million NASDAQ Wireless Value Added Service Provider
19 Netdragon US$ 425 Million SEHK Online Gaming
20 US$ 405 Million NASDAQ Job Platform
21 Tom Group US$ 284 Million SEHK Media Company
 22 CDC Corp US$ 269 Million NASDAQ Online Gaming (CDC Games) & Business Software
 23 Giga Media US$ 240 Million NASDAQ Online Entertainment Software & Services
24 The9 US$ 228 Million NASDAQ Online Gaming
25 ChinaCast Education US$ 224 Million NASDAQ Online education
26 China Finance Online US$ 220 Million NASDAQ Financial Information Portal
27 eLong US$ 164 Million NASDAQ Travelling Site
28 ChinaEdu Corporation US$ 148 Million NASDAQ Online education
29 Linktone US$ 89 Million NASDAQ Interactive Entertainment Products
30 Hurray! Holding US$ 77 Million NASDAQ Wireless Value Added Service Provider
Tencent (Top 4) and their Flagship Product QQ
Tencent (Top 4) and their Flagship Product QQ

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    Serkan (Wednesday, 19 August 2009 10:56)

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