PayPal China Developer Conferences: BJ Dec 14, SH Dec 15

This November PayPal opened its software platform to outside developers in a move designed to unleash a flood of creative uses for the online financial transaction service. With the new open software, called Paypal X (great domain btw:, users won't have to type their username and password into a separate PayPal Web site in order to complete a payment. Instead, people will be able to sign into PayPal and make purchases, such as for example virtual goods, right inside a gaming application.

The PayPal VP of this new product will be stopping by in China this month for preview showings of the PayPal X Developer and Partner Network. Dates are December 14th and 15th for Beijing and Shanghai respectively.
In addition to the private showing of the PayPal X Developer and Partner Network, there will be separate panel discussions for Developers, Entrepreneurs, Partners and Venture Capitalists.  The event is free to attend. Here are the details:

Beijing, December 14th, 09:00-13:30 at The Opposite House

Please click here to register for the Beijing event until December 4th.


Shanghai, December 15th, 09:00-13:30 at M1NT

Please click here to register for the Shanghai event until December 4th.

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